WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com – Which One is better


WordPress is a much-known word to all of us but I don’t think we are familiar with this website that much. Yes, this is a platform where all kind of web hosting takes place where you can actually choose some beautiful templates and where you can do all the dashboard and other SEO rankings.

WordPress is a different planet for all online marketers and other business owners. But we have forgotten something very important regarding WordPress. So I am sure all of you are using WordPress.com. Very good for web hosting. Wait, did I hear people saying that it is WordPress.org? Now you are confusing my press. I mean come on this is not a fan war between two celebrities it is a very serious issue. WordPress.com and WordPress.org are very different materials or different sites just the name is all the same.

Both of them can be used in different ways and both of those are different in various ways. Both of them have their pros and cons but it is better to know the benefits. For being optimistic is very wise.

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org:

First of all, let us talk about WordPress.com. The original WordPress site is known as WordPress.org and the co-founder developed yet another site named WordPress.com. So that the users do not get confused with the site name hence he changed .org to .com and from here users never faced any kind of difficulties. The WordPress.com have 5 types of plans namely free, limited, personal, premium, business and last but not the least VIP. VIP starts with a rate of almost $5000 per month and that is a lot. This .com is perfect for blogging especially the travel ones but also it is good because it can give back-up for up to 3GB so that is a lot of memories. VIP users get unlimited storage while the business users get up to 13GB backup. In case of backups, WordPress.com will do all the heavy lifting.

Now it is time to move for the original which our very own WordPress.org. An open source and is 100% free for anyone entering let us some of its benefits. They are super easy to use and customize. To customize your site for as much as you want because it is all free for all of you. Moreover, you can also control as to who visits or sees your website. Plugins, customs, tracking everything can be added by you and only on WordPress.org.



By now each and every one of you must have chosen WordPress.org over WordPress.com. Both are the best and the membership is the only difference but still both of still reigns.


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