Top 8 Best Bike Helmets for Kids: Update 2020

Bikes do not have helmet equipment; They are life-saving safety devices that children need. We have the top 8 helmets for casual bike riding for kids, in terms of performance and build quality.

Kids love to ride around Cool de Sock on bikes. Yet this antique pastime is not without its dangers – a false twist and a mess of their totality to your totality. That’s why bike helmets are so important to every little kid: the cargo in them is precious and must be protected at all costs.

A wide range of helmets is available to suit all budgets and tastes. Let’s take a look at all the things you know about buying a small person’s helmet and look at the top ten models on the market today.

What to Look For In a Bike Helmet For Toddlers

For the benefit and style of your young child, you can not buy an old helmet. There are many things you need to look out for to find the right alternative to your yoga.

Safety: The main purpose of the helmet is safety, so this is undoubtedly the most important concept, isn’t it? no need. The U.S. All helmets sold at.

Consumers must follow Product Safety Authority regulations, which ensure a high level of protection from accidents. Bottom line? The fit is more serious than the helmet when it comes to safety.

Fit: Fit is fundamental to both safety and comfort, so it is important that you get the right shape. Too short and does not fit the helmet; The larger it is, the more slippery it is and the less protection it provides. See our buyer’s guide for more information on how to find the right fit.

Adjustable fit dial: One way to help fit the helmet on the baby’s head is to tighten the adjustable fit dial. While most models on the market come with this important stage of technology, some are not even cheap products. Without it, there is no guarantee that the helmet will fit securely and tightly.

Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS): Apart from finding the right fit, there is something you can do to improve safety: Choose a helmet with MIPS certification.

In short, these helmets that are specially designed are good for absorbing effects from different angles. Again, go to our Buyer’s Guide to learn more about MIPS.

Magnetic Hooks: Most bike helmets have a fixed hook to rotate over your baby’s head. However, occasionally, trust me when I say that it pinches the skin around the neck and only ends in tears. Some modern, high-end helmets boast of having a new fungal magnetic hook to drop cases.

Flat Back: If you plan to ride your toddler on a bike or two-wheeler, pull out a helmet with a flat back to rest comfortably on the baby’s head. If all you have to do is pedal, choose a well-ventilated helmet instead.

Weight: Aim for a model as close as possible to the short man fighting under heavy Hewlett pressure. It should be noted that weight does not affect safety and features such as MIPS and flatback make the design slightly heavier.

Price: Last but not least, price is an important consideration for every parent, especially in the current economy. Fortunately, children’s helmets range from $15 to $100, with options to suit every household budget.

The Top 8 Best Bike Helmets – Best Picks


  1. Kiddomoto Kid’s Bicycle Helmet


This helmet is not only fashionable with many colors and shapes but also has some amazing features.

For starters, it is made from durable lightweight ABS material. When your daughter wears this helmet, she will be comfortable because of the adjustable strap, the light holes for cooling, and the comfortable fitting of the interior.

Certifications Certified by Vice, CPSC, and CE are for sale in North America and Europe.

It comes with 10 different designs, so your daughter will definitely have a lot to choose from!

I bought it for my 5-year-old son to change my old helmet. This helmet is built much better than the old helmet and has features that are easy to use.

The old helmet was originally covered with a styrofoam plastic casing, this helmet was made of highly durable plastic and styrofoam shell. Not only can this protect my baby’s head, but it will also last a long time.

The adjustable head and chin strap are easy to use and the removable ones inside the padding look like a wash and care. Highly recommend this purchase.

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  1. Schwinn Kids Bike Helmet Classic Design

Born in Chicago, Brandon Swain is a budget-raising parent who has been in the bicycle business since 1955. As America’s oldest and most beloved bike brand, Swinn has created the following cult to release high-quality products. Cheap.

How cheap, you ask?

Well, this particular model provides all the protection a small child needs for only 20 children – it is difficult to find a minimally functional helmet.

Of course, at such a bargain-base price, you won’t get the right bells and whistles – without the easily adjustable fit dial to keep the size right. Coincidentally, however, there is also a case where Schwinn failed to shine because the manufacturer did not even provide guidelines for resizing.

We checked the log and this thing is good at about 20 inches head. But keep in mind that helmets are deeper than most, so they fit with children less than the forehead.

However, it is still a solid choice for the price. The lightweight 8-ounce helmet is durable enough and provides enough padding to keep your tweezers comfortable at all times.

On the contrary, the airy design brings much-needed airflow during those summer days. There is a flatback on the back of the pillows when you tap your toddler’s head.

Even for a small child, we love the designs of the offer. Choose a dragon fight cartoon night or choose a basic dark and light blue combination.

This helmet fits my needs and is absolutely elegant … think about whether it fits your baby.

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  1. BERN – Kid’s Nino Helmet

This helmet has an amazing graphic and is perfect for kids 5 to 8 years old who love fashion. It comes in satin or matte finishes in a variety of colors such as navy, white, and black.

This is a short version of the very popular Byrne Brentwood, which is actually designed for older children. Unlike other helmet viewers, they can be modified if the helmet viewer comes into view.

Apart from this, helmet fits perfectly due to the very lightweight and secure velcro adjustment system.

Insect heads come in different sizes. There is no point in offering this product without taking into account the amount of information.

Well made helmet. However, the website’s advice about size is somewhat disabled. The padding on the helmet was not considered. My little boy will not sit for as long as I want. Will buy it again. I  recommend you can buy these products.


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  1. Giro Scamp MIPS Youth Recreational Bike Cycling Helmet

The rear adjustment wheel makes it adjustable to the millimeter. This is the perfect fit.

The chin strap was also fully adjustable, but before I could adjust the chin strap my excited daughter ran and rested her head on the helmet while running, jumping, and climbing.

The adult helmet also meets my expectations. It might be better for me to have MIP in it. In addition to the safety benefits from what I mentioned the helmet is a little more comfortable. I’m a little jealous of my 2-year-old helmet.

Safety in helmets is a very important issue and the safest helmet on the market comes with a multi-directional protection system (MIPS).

If you never heard of MIPS, it’s a revolutionary safety system designed to protect you from “fun cycles” in the event of an accident, when you get down at a fun angle and stick it around your neck. In most accidents, a non-standard MIPS helmet protects the rider. But these helmets can make a big difference in a bad layer with significant rotational violence.

There is a feature in very small baby helmets, so you can not misunderstand it if Ziro feels you need it. Is this California-based brand bike at the forefront of safety technology and rigorously testing MIPS in its sophisticated fraud helmet-bottom line? It really works!

Of course, Scamp is a Nifty Dodler helmet even without MIPS (you can save around Rs.20 by purchasing the non-MIPS version if you wish). One of our favorite things is how well it fits with a small head. Don’t be surprised when it falls over your 18-month-old area.

It’s true that it’s flat again to build your little boy’s car in the trailer. As part of the set, you will get an adjustable matching dial, a pinch hook (even if it is not magnetic), and a fun view on the front.

In terms of style, it looks more like a stack hat for adults than a fun kids helmet, which will attract the funniest athletes out there.

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  1. Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified MIPS Skateboard

The Triple 8 Gotham MIPS Helmet is the perfect combination of comfort, safety, and good looks for cycling, skating, rollerblading, and roller derby.

It is dual certified for both bikes and skates and is patented for multi-directional protection system (MIPS) technology that reduces rotational force during impact.

The innovative Connaught EPS liner provides extra protection with a folding cone, which acts as a crash zone to absorb power from the crash and spread laterally on the helmet liner.

If you are looking for a single helmet with dual-use, this is the one. This triple eight helmet is designed with skating and cycling in mind.

To increase the level of protection, it is fitted with MIPS technology which makes the skate helmet very low. This helmet sends CBSC and ASTM certificates for sale in North America.

To make it more flexible for kids, it has 2 sets of inner straps, which enhances comfort. The outer shell is made from durable ABS material, which makes it stronger.


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  1. Giro Scamp Youth Recreational Bike Cycling Helmet

This helmet is perfect! I first bought a highly valued skein helmet for our 9-meter baby and was disappointed to fit. It was probably not the size, not the size, but I didn’t trust the helmet to keep her head safe in an accident!

After reading the reviews, I spent 2x on this price and I was happy. The baby is 9 meters large and his head is about 45 cm. It fits her, and I think there is little room for tightness, but not much.

We are not big bikers, but we go to an island that needs bikes and she should mark up with her too. This helmet is lightweight and keeps the head secure, with a flat back that would sit well on a baby seat.

I don’t know if she survived more than one summer because she was growing like a pool, but I will definitely buy the same helmet in large quantities over the next few years.

Still good. This makes the Bell “brand” 1 “longer with minimal ventilation. In the bike’s trailer, the little ones were forced to tilt their heads. There is a knob on the back to adjust the fit.


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  1. Bell Sidetrack Child & Youth Bike Helmet

It may not be cheap, but if you have a small mountain biker in the family, the Cedetrox at the bell will make the pieces with older kids in no time. This toddler helmet hardware mimics the style of a downhill biker, allowing your toddler to feel like a seeker.

But unlike the adult mountain biking helmet, the Sidetrack has a late flatback, so you can relax in your overall comfort while riding the trailer bike.

In the toddler version, you will also find an ErgofitzDigestor system (a fictitious name for their adjustable fit dial) that allows it to stick to the head of any teenager measuring 18.5 to 21.2 inches.

The helmet is beautiful but does not have the extra protection of the ID MIBS. This cause of MIPS was purchased, obtained, and not described. There is no yellow sticker called MIPS, only the regular helmet appears.

Parents looking for protection can invest in the MIPS-enabled Cedetrock II, although it only comes on a “young” scale, so it will be huge for most young children.

How much we love the look and feel of this helmet, as well as the hook is a bit annoying. The problem is, the helmet has extra straps, which you get when you try to click on the hook – the last thing you want when you get a provocative penis. This is probably not a contract breaker, but it’s definitely something to consider.

Currently, the helmet comes in only two colors: matte green for boys and matte pink for girls.


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  1. Bell Sidetrack II MIPS Youth Bike Helmet


Simply put, this is a baby version of an adult helmet called the Bell Spark.

It has some features to increase the level of protection like MIPS technology to prevent the effects of brain injuries. The outer shell forms a helmet stud made of polycarbonate.

A common trauma to most baby helmets is shortness of breath, but these helmets have large holes in the outer shell to increase respiration.

There is a large ventilation channel in the center of the helmet. The inside of the helmet is very comfortable because it is perforated and does not sweat.

This helmet is perfect for my big toddler. This is not the exact color he came up with – instead, it looked red with yellow lights, which is very good for you because your favorite color is red, but be careful.

In addition, you have extended the vision to protect your baby’s eyes and forehead in the event of an accident. This helmet is very easy to repair and takes a few seconds to repair easy cracks around the ears.

Girls love frozen as much as boys love dinosaurs (usually it’s estimated by the number you hear “Let It Get”).

By that argument, it’s a very safe thing for your little girl to love this beautiful frozen themed helmet, at least for the beautiful 3D turban filled with spectators (who cares that the sun does not go out of her eyes?).


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How to choose the Best Bike Helmets for your 5 to 8-year-olds

There are a few factors you should consider before buying a baby bike helmet.

Are you getting the right size?

Does the helmet have enough vents to keep your baby’s head cool?

Before buying a bike helmet for your child, you should think carefully about the things to consider.

  1. Size and fit

The way the helmet fits over the head determines whether it is effective or ineffective. That’s why an extra helmet should be worn on the head so you can lose it without losing any extra space.

Unlike road bike helmets for adults, most children’s bike helmets are found in small and medium sizes, some fit the same size.

How to measure the helmet core area

If you are planning to buy a helmet, you need to know the dimensions of your baby’s head. Determining the size of your baby’s head can be done in two different ways.

Wrap the tab solution a few inches above your baby’s head above the eyebrows.

Use a string to measure. After wrapping it around the head, take the wire and get accurate measurements on a ruler.

Properly fitted helmets are comfortable and, compared to lightly fitted helmets, they are more likely to be injured in an accident.

Fortunately, there are many types of helmets designed for all ages. They vary in different situations depending on the age of your child.

  1. Helmet weight

What kind of helmet does your child need based on weight?

Is it a heavy helmet or a light helmet?

A light helmet usually weighs 200 grams. If your child has a helmet, your child will not notice that it is lighter.

Here is a quick comparison between light and heavy baby helmets.

The light helmet is comfortable as the neck does not stretch with too much weight. But they are usually more expensive.

Heavy helmets are cheap, but you also sacrifice comfort, especially with small children.

  1. Breathing

Cycling can make your child sweat a lot, so one summer day your child will need to find a helmet for cool air before going for a bike ride.

The vents increase airflow to the head and make it easier to ride the bike on a hot day.

The number of holes in the helmet is determined by the type of helmet you choose.

Pro Tip: Traditional bike helmets have more vents than skater helmets. A helmet with more holes is more breathable than a helmet with fewer holes because it allows more air to enter.


  1. Security Certificates

CBSE Road Bike Helmet Standard

There are safety standards to ensure that the bike helmet is fully effective. Look for safety stickers when you go there to find a baby bike helmet.

Below are 3 helmet certificates commonly found today.

Helmets sold in CBSE North America are used.

CE is used for helmets sold in Europe.

AU / NZ certified helmets come from Australia and New Zealand, with stricter test standards than CPSC and CE.

  1. M. MIPS Vs. NoNMIPS

MIPS explained helmet technology

The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, also known as MIPS, is a technology designed to protect the brain from harmful forces during a fall.

If your child falls at an angle, the impact from the ground can be very damaging to the brain.

How does MIPS work?

The helmet with MIPS technology allows the outer layer of the helmet to move, while the inner layers surround the skull. Thus, the helmet protects the head while absorbing the effects.

  1. Design

Various children’s helmet designs

Last but not least, before buying a bike helmet you need to know what design your child likes.

Helmets like Sporty, Kitty, and Skull are some of the designs that kids love.

You need to think about which color is right for your child. Some kids like helmets, which have nice cartoon drawings.


The Sizing a Helmet for Kids and Toddlers

  1. Measure the head

Take the soft measuring tape and observe the circumference of your baby’s head. When searching by helmet make sure to match the numbers.


Most companies list sizes in centimeters, so you may have to change from inch to inch.

  1. Check the size

Once you put the helmet on, make sure it fits over your head (4). Let your toddler sit with the helmet over his head or stand as straight as possible. Then pluck it and try to move it slowly – if it moves it is too big.

Try changing the pad size before you return it. Some helmets have this, which helps to fill the last millimeter.

  1. Location

Wear your child’s helmet and make sure it sits on the forehead. This can be measured by fitting two fingers between the helmet and the eyebrows.

  1. Size of sidebars

The side straps should form a “Y” shape below the ear. This is easy to fix when your child is not wearing a helmet.

Replace them by tightening the strap as close to the ear as possible. This will prevent the fall.

  1. Chin belt and hook


When placing the helmet on the baby’s head, start by tying the chin straps. Tighten them until they are properly dormant. Try to place a finger between the band and the cheek – it will be too loose if more than one fits.

The ride is safe

It is essential to have the best baby or toddler bike helmet. This will reduce the chances of serious head injury in the event of an accident. They should wear at least one while sitting in the bike’s trailer.

It is important to find the right fit – having a large helmet does not do much to protect it. Make sure it sits on top of the head, you cannot fit more than two fingers wide between the helmet and the eyebrows.

If you are looking for the best helmet for older children, we have a guide for you.

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