The 5 best baby car seats of 2020

We don’t mean to scare you, but choosing a baby car seat is no joke. If traveling by car demands a high dose of responsibility, then when we take our little one as a passenger, the attention multiplies infinitely.

Remember that in the event of an accident, what could be a small blow to an adult, a child could be fatal.

So this purchase should be considered with special care, and in addition, you need to do this before the birth, as you will likely need to take your baby home from the hospital.

Safety measures come first, but we must also make sure our little one is comfortable and relaxed to prevent the trip from being a source of stress. Of course, installing, assembling and adjusting the chair is easy and comfortable for us. After all, we adults who will have to deal with buttons and straps …

We’ve tested the major baby car seats and gathered opinions of moms and pediatricians to recommend the best models in this article.

In the end, you will also find a very complete guide to solve all your doubts about the regulations and functions of this type of car seat and we will talk about the latest technology in accessories to enhance your child’s safety in the car.


Top5 best car seats of 2020 – Best Picks

Currently, there are two regulations for car seats, ECE R44 / 04 and ECE R129 or I-Size, which include more safety controls than its predecessor. All chairs you will find in this section are approved by one of them and comply with all laws.

Although the R44 / 04 is older, you don’t have to worry. You can purchase and use it without problems as it is expected to be valid until around 2021.

1. Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat | Infant to Toddler Car Seat, with 10 Years of Use, Fairmont


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Currently, best car seats for groups 1, 2, and 3, thanks to excellent baby safety and comfort.

Isodynamic is the most complete car seat of the Italian brand Foppapedretti, and it is also one of the safest seats we will find on the market according to the European standard ECE R44 / 04.

First of all, Foppapedretti Isodynamic is recommended for groups 1 to 3, which means that from 9 months of baby’s life, we will not have to buy anything else. Thus, it includes a reducer with a group 1 restraint belt, which is removed when a child gets older and can use a car seat belt, with a system similar to that of the other seats.

The car seat attachment is exclusively by Is fix. Although some users claim to only carry the chair with a seat belt, the manufacturer clearly specifies that it is not a good idea, so it is best to reserve trials for other areas that do not involve child safety.

Additionally, this model includes the Top Tether, a super mounting system that attaches to the chassis – either at the base of the trunk or in the back of the seat – and prevents the seat from rotating. That is, it is a third anchor point so that the chair does not move at all.

Another strong point is that it has four inclined positions, thanks to the fact that the chassis consists of two different parts: the seat and the fixed base, which contains rails to allow position adjustment. These two pieces make the chair weigh more than usual, around 11kg, which is something you should keep in mind if you are going to load it often to change a car.

Of course, it includes a side impact protection system, a five-point seat belt, adjustable headrest, and washable fabric. Made of leather, the cover provides a pleasant feel to the touch and allows for a comfortable and superficial cleaning, reducing the number of machine washes required.

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·      Leather texture is very nice to touch

·      The added safety of Top Tether

·      The four reclining positions


·      It cannot be used if your vehicle does not contain Isofix

·      The assembly could be easier

·      Not the lightest chair


2. Star Ibaby 906

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We already know Star Ibaby strollers and other baby accessories, like high chairs or a playpen. With Star IbabyIsofix Travel 906, the brand offers one of the most complete car seats on this list, with great value for money.

The characteristics that convince me the most is that it is a chair designed for groups 0, 1, 2 and 3, that is, it covers all age and weight groups of a child. Therefore, the Isofix Travel 906 could be a one-time purchase that will last for years, as it will cover all needs so that a child can travel by car without an extra seat.

With this approach, perhaps greater material resistance is missed, but if we are careful with use and cleaning, the truth is that we are facing a very safe and reliable chair. Although the guide is only available in English, the compilation is simple and intuitive. In addition to Isofix (optional, can also be strap-attached), the latest model includes the Top Tether for better vehicle attachment.

It also has a side impact protection system and of course a 360-degree rotation.


This is necessary, since Group 0 travels with a reverse belt, while from Group 1 the chair is placed in the direction of travel. The belt has five safety points, with pads to be more comfortable, and its height adjustable.

The headrest with neck rest is adjustable, and the seat has four recline positions. In general, the filling is very correct and the various positions make it easy for the baby to sleep comfortably throughout the flight.

Plus, for how complete it is, it has an extremely narrow weight of 9.5kg.

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·      Value for money

·      By serving all groups, you won’t have to buy anything else

·      Installation is easy in either position


·      On some cars it is difficult to rotate the seat because it “hits” the seat

·      Using the upper cord disrupts rotation


3. Availand Sureby baby car seat

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One of the features we loved the most about this chair was its safety. Using the ISOFIX system and TOP Tether’s third anchor point, we verified that the chair attaches well to the seat (and can be easily assembled and disassembled with one click).

In addition, it has the SPS Side Impact Protection System that dampens shocks and prevents child injuries in the event of a collision. This 5 point harness is added to all to get complete support for your baby.

Since it is a multi-group chair, it is important that it is very adaptable so that it meets all the needs of your child as he grows and you do not have to buy another chair over time. From our point of view, since practically all elements in it are adjustable: from a newborn’s reducer to a headrest.

Thanks to its 360-degree rotation, you will be able to position the chair the way she desperately needs, either sitting your child in it without letting your back in uncomfortable positions, or traveling backward, if it is still too small, or in favor of her when she gets older. Plus, with the four tilt levels, you can adapt them to your baby’s comfort so he sleeps or sits enjoying the ride.

An additional point in its favor is that the cover, in addition to being washable, is easy to disassemble and install. Of course, because of the touch it has, it gives us the feeling that it can get a little hot during the warmer months.

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·      Safety

·      Multi-group and highly adaptable to each stage

·      The seat reclines and rotates 360 degrees

·      The fabric is removable and easy to clean


·      It is heavier than other chairs

·      Your fabric can be a little hot in summer


4. Cybex Silver Pallas 2-Fix

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This is a useful life ranging from 9 months to 12 years, the Cybex Pallas 2-Fix is ​​a very comfortable car seat that includes several additional safety measures that make it worthy of being among the first places on our list. Top Ten.

It is used with a front safety pad, which is a system similar to an airbag that distributes forces in the event of a collision and protects the child, especially the head, neck, and chest.

To get an idea, it is a rod similar to that used in roller coaster seats, allowing the child to move more comfortably without losing protection.

It also has a base that allows you to lie down. The pillow and base are removed at age 4 and the chair becomes the X2-Fix solution.

The Isofix the connector ensures stability and safety, but the chair can also be used in cars without this system, simply by using the seat belt as an anchor.

It has the LSP Plus linear protection system, which ensures good response to side effects thanks to its cushioned pads. In addition, the headrest, which reclines in three positions, is designed to prevent the baby’s head from falling forward when sleeping, so that it rests in a comfortable position.

The quilted fabric is of high quality, free of toxic substances, and easy to disassemble and clean which completes the experience of the chair designed to last.

If I had to find a piece it would have weighed 11.2 kg. So if you will be moving the chair a lot, it may not be the most comfortable option.

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·      Excellent safety in the event of a side collision

·      The front cushion is more comfortable and safer than the classic strap

·      The cover is pleasant to touch and easy to clean


·      Tilt can only be used on Group 1

·      It weighs a lot: Keep this in mind if you are not going to leave the chair standing


5. Maxi-CosiCabrioFix, Car Seat, Reclining and Safe for Baby


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The Maxi-Cosi brand specializes in car seats for newborns, so much so that its name has become a generic name to refer to this category of a portable crib or baby seat.

In this case, the CabrioFix model is suitable for the 0+ range, which will allow us to accelerate its use up to about fifteen months or 13 kg of weight.

The CabrioFix Chair is designed to make the child as comfortable as possible and is designed so that it can be moved with minimal discomfort thanks to its lightness (2 kg) and the fixation system that they call Click & Go and that’s exactly it: it is placed in the car with a simple click because it is the base that adjusts Almost invariably by Isofix.

However, it is important to note that to use Isofix, an adjustment pad is required, which is the one left fixed in the vehicle and sold separately. The one recommended by the manufacturer is Family Fix.

If you don’t have Isofix, you can also use a seat belt, but it will take longer to adjust properly.

The seat is positioned against the direction of travel, as appropriate for age. It has a 3-point seat belt and side-impact system, with additional head padding, for head and neck protection.


Once out of the car, it can be carried as a baby carrier thanks to a comfortable strap or attached to a Maxi Cosi or Queenie stroller. If you use other models, they may not work for you or, in the best case, you may have to purchase adapters.

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·      Includes soft fabric cover, folded back

·      If you buy an Isofix base the installation system is very easy

·      The baby carrier can be attached to the stroller


·      Dismantling the case is a bit messy

·      Family Fix costs roughly the same as the baby carrier itself

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