How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube in 2019


You-Tube has been the medium of entertainment for all kinds of subscribers or people who just visit. I am definitely trying to sound like a sane person because even a new-born baby literally knows how to search for cartoon and how to hit the subscribe button on You-Tube. This platform is not a social platform anymore. You-Tube is now a family and the family always wants some and attention to each other.

Starting from live game streaming to DIY hacks videos everything is available on You-Tube. Even if have missed some episodes of your favorite TV series you can easily watch the recap on You-Tube. But sometimes for many people, You-Tube becomes the source of earning as well. So it is also a kind of buying-selling platform but the only fact is that you do not actually do any direct transaction in here. That is a very different story and for later use.

As for the main topic, we always need to know of ideas as to how we can actually get more subscribers on You-Tube in 2019. You don’t have to think a lot about that. Just scroll below.

How to get more subscribers on You-Tube in 2019?


  1. Power Playlists:

Do not get confused regarding You-Tube playlists. There are regular and power playlists on You-Tube. The regular playlists are the videos simply posted on You-Tube plus the serial lists given for a specific channel. But the power playlists got outcomes to be more precise if you text specific topics then you shall find more than one solution videos from the same channel. It means that the channel generated more subscribers. So it is always better to use a power playlist.

  1. Long Videos:

Publishing long videos means that you are generating more and more subscribers. Now you will ask how it can be even possible. Long videos shall be more than 10 minutes. If you are You-Tubing about a specific topic and then you won’t show all the tips and tricks with some sense of humor then it is a complete video. Users love to see videos that last longer so that the best option would be to publish longer videos. If not long then at least try to keep the video duration of up to 10 minutes.


  1. Promoting on End Screen:

If you are making an interesting video and your subscribers are loving them then there is another which you can perform and that is promoting your previous, next to or related videos on your end screen. The subscribers then can have some assurance that the upcoming video will also be of that much help so they shall watch and also share it among their social circles hence you are generating more subscribers.


  1. Branding:

Another option to get more subscriber is you can add the logo on the video screen for which the subscriber can click onto the subscribe button of your channel.


Generating more videos on You-Tube has been kind of compulsory. Grab that camera, ensure the best video content and quality and grab some subscribers.

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